Why fit in?

While scrolling down WordPress to look at what the classmates I follow decided to write about for our blog post, I thought “How original, it’s all about time and the end of spring break”. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it many times. It’s easy to look at someone else’s work and think they have a pretty good idea and you end up writing about it. But why do we do that? We know it’s someone else’s work; we know we’re stealing their idea. And I think that’s what college is about nowadays. Should it be? I believe yes and no.

Imagine if every single college kid came up with their own ideas and no idea could ever be used again. If we narrow it down to the amount of kids at public 4 year institutions, the number would be sky high. In fact, the number is around 6,837,605 college students. Think about it.. That’s almost 7 million ideas that can never be reused. And that’s not even close to all of them. 

Are we smart enough to come up with everything on our own? Can our brains work that way? I’ve thought about this a couple of times, Unless we grow up, being programmed, or even taught to do a lot of research and learn everything we can learn about this world, I don’t think most college students can always come up with a new brilliant idea or thought. Elementary and high schools should consider raising their criteria. Students should grow up learning as much as they can. Students shouldn’t spend 3 weeks of school studying simple times tables as a freshman in high school. Students should know a lot more than the basics by the time they graduate, and in some cases; they don’t even know all the basics. College students, myself included, should be able to explore their minds and have so much more knowledge and potential. 

With that being said, because we are not able to focus our mind the way we should be, I think college students need the help of other students. I mean, who likes to study alone? I know I learn faster when I’m studying aloud with somebody, and reading them the notes. That’s how writing is, also. We need the ideas of other students, because other students are a main part in our learning process. Students really help other students learn, even if they just ask a question we were too afraid to ask. 

After reading this, I hope some students think “why fit in?” and challenge their brains to come up with a fantastic idea to write about that nobody else would think of. 


Ps. Only 6 more weeks left, classmates 🙂 


Rikki Merwine

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