17 Brutal Realities Of Being A College Student In 2014


Thought Catalog


1. People constantly tell you that this is the best time of your life — and how carefree they were in college. Yet you have no money, you’re stressed out all the time, and every semester you get to think about how much debt you’re going to have when you graduate.

2. Never before has there been so many other options besides studying and writing another essay. And in order to write an essay, you have to use your computer — where Tumblr and Twitter and Reddit live. It takes an enormous amount of self-control just to stay productive.

3. You literally have no idea what you are doing. Yet you need to make decisions that impact the rest of your life all the time.

4. At some point you realize you share a bedroom with another person, you use disposable silverware for every meal, and you haven’t worn…

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