Less Than A Month

That’s right. Only less than a month left of our freshman year at Bloomsburg University. It’s kind of exciting, and also bittersweet when you think about how much time really does fly by. I realize how much time you have to yourself in college. During high school, we’d have to sit in school for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. For college, some of us do not even have classes every day of the week. The amount of hours that we spend in classes during a week is probably equivalent to 15 hours, maybe less. I think that’s why time flies so much more. We have too much time on our hands and some of us don’t use it to get work done, we use it to experience the college life. 

I guarantee the majority of Bloomsburg University students are hoping this week just flies by so they can experience yet another Block Party. Also, students are most likely going to slack off this week so they don’t have to do much homework, because college students sometimes feel like they need a whole week to mentally and physically prepare in order to participate in college activities. I said the same thing to my friends; “I just want to skip over this week and experience block party.” After thinking more into it, I realize I am in no way shape or form to slack off at this point in the semester. I’m swamped with work.

Our first two major essays are finally out of the way, and I can imagine how relieved my classmates feel, because that’s exactly how I feel. Then I thought about all the other work we must finish within this month’s time. Really? It feels like I have a year’s worth of work between all of my classes to get done in about 30 days! And the stress continues to build up as I continue to think about it.. Our next project, the group project, I feel will help me since not all the pressure is on my shoulder. Being able to work with other students and share ideas is helpful and I appreciate having the privilege to do so. 

At the beginning of this course, I dreaded making a blog post and having to post in it. I thought it was pointless; however, I noticed that the blog postings and discussion boards really do tend to help me write a little better than I used to. I actually have been catching myself going on WordPress and reading other people’s blogs (more about relationships, college, and tv shows), and I think I really do like having the choice to blog and I hope to continue using this blog even after Foundations of Writing course ends. 

Now for the rest of the semester, I just have to learn to use every second I can get and make it count, as should the rest of my classmates who aren’t exactly A+ writers at this point. I have to not to stress over the Google map project and getting cultural events done on time. I have to work efficiently if I want my freshman year to be worth my money and that’s what I intend to do.


Ps. Classmates, stay safe during Block Party!



Rikki Merwine




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